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Recycled Glass Taper Holder

Recycled Glass Taper Holder

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This reclaimed glass taper holder in a captivating amber color is a must-have for any casual decor enthusiast. Crafted with reclaimed glass, it exudes an eco-friendly vibe and adds a touch of uniqueness to the space. Its round shape enables it to seamlessly blend with any existing decor elements, while the subtle amber hue adds warmth and visual appeal.  What sets this holder apart is its reclaimed glass construction, which not only adds character but also contributes to sustainable living. Whether hosting a cozy dinner or enjoying a relaxing evening, this eclectic piece will create a warm and inviting ambiance that effortlessly elevates any casual setting.

3-1/2" Round x 6-1/4"H Pressed Recycled Glass Taper Holder, Pink

4-1/2" Round x 9-1/2"H Pressed Recycled Glass Taper Holder, Amber Color

3-1/4" Round x 5-3/4"H Pressed Recycled Glass Taper Holder, Chartreuse


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