About Us


We are so happy that you found your way here! Reclaimed Warehouse did not start with your ordinary boutique business plan. Russell and I, alongside his parents, run several businesses here in the Oklahoma City metro area, including our own home-building business, R & R Homes. Before this beautiful unique shop was born, I had been designing new construction for the past 18 years. During that time, I grew a passion for serving and creating unique experiences for our clients. It was there that a warehouse full of reclaimed finds was transformed into what is today's favorite lifestyle shop! Here at Reclaimed Warehouse, we believe that reclaiming your space and your style are tools that can be used to help reclaim your life. Since opening in 2017, we have a 15,000 sq ft trim shop that our custom cabinetry and furniture is handcrafted in, a welding shop for custom metal work, an online e-commerce store, a free app available in the App Store and Google play, and a full service lighting showroom. We have been busy the last 5 years to say the least! This place is more than just a shop to us - it is a place of community, inspiration, and creativity.

The Trim Shop

Here at Reclaimed Warehouse we have the absolute best furniture, cabinet, metal, and painting craftsmen to help bring each unique piece to life. All of our custom furniture is designed, built, and finished here in our 15,000 sq ft shop. The time and attention our craftsmen put into each piece makes our furniture stand far above the rest. Come by and chat with us about designing your next piece of furniture.

R & R Homes

Every family deserves a place to make the memories that will stand for all time. We are here to help you do just that. At R & R Homes, we are committed to building a quality home with aesthetics designed with you in mind. Our sales team is ready to help you every step of the way.