Which Type Of Lighting Do You Need?

Which Type Of Lighting Do You Need?

Lighting in a space can change the way a space feels.  It is important to think about how you will be using this space and pick lighting accordingly.  When choosing electrical wiring or light fixtures for your home it is important to make sure you know the different types of lighting to avoid a frustrating situation down the road. 

 Over head lights are your can lights, flush mounts, or fluorescents.  Any lighting that comes from overhead and is your main source of light in a space.  I generally like for this lighting to not be noticed, it should blend with its surrounding.  

Task lighting is specifically designed to shine light on the work that is to be done.  Reading, knitting, crafting, cooking, and office work are all examples of task lighting.  Hanging pendant lights, undercounted lights, desk lamps, puck lights are all good options to achieve good task lighting.   

Accent lighting emphasizes your personal style by illuminating wall art, family photos, architectural details, and other decor elements of your living room. Examples of accent lighting would be wall mounted picture lights, led strips, and spot lights.

Decorative lighting mixes lighting and decor to create your unique living room style. Lights that serve ambient, task, or accent functions can also serve as decorative lighting decor, making it easy to find fixtures that fulfill this need while addressing other illumination concerns.  

Kitchen pendant lights can also fall under this category if good overhead lighting is provided.  This is ideal in a kitchen so limitations are not applied when choosing a decorative light with minimal bulbs which tends to be the more stylish option.

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