Easy spice rack shelf; no tools required

Spice Rack Installed In Minutes

I created this spice rack in minutes this weekend with minimal tools.  Not only does this look fantastic but it is also so functional.  Now my spices are all within reach while cooking,  stay neatly organized, and by relocating these up onto the wall it created a new empty drawer in the kitchen!   Who doesn't need that?! 

You will need: 

Scotch Mounting Tape
This mounting tape holds up to 30lbs and the installation for this couldn't be more simple.   Remove any hardware from the back of the shelf to insure a good flat surface.
Measure well to find center on your wall & center of your shelf.  Also mark some leveling points on the wall so when you are ready to place your shelf up you know exactly where to place it.  Once your shelf is stuck it is not coming off so measuring before is super important! 
Place mounting tape vertically every 1-2".
  Instal tape
Remove backing film and press onto the wall for 60 seconds to activate a good bond.  That's it, shelf installed in just minutes. 
finished spice rack                              
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