Reclaim your space like a pro

Reclaim your space like a pro

Sometimes we just get stuck on what to do next or how to even start when working on a space in our homes.  Here are some fun & easy tips to help you beautify any space.

1.  Introduce an accent color.  Pick a fun new color that complements your current color palette in your space.  I like to introduce this color in a couple of places throughout the room.  Make sure to spread them out so the color is not clumped in one area.  

2.  If your space is small consider adding a mirror to make it seem larger.  Also consider using one large piece of art instead of several smaller ones.  This option can make the room feel less cluttered also making it feel bigger.


3. Add some fun and unexpected accessories.  Always, always, always only choose pieces you love.  If you don't love it you will end up tossing it at some point or the space will never seem finished. 

4.  Cardinal rule!  Always have a plant, enough said about that. 

5.  If you have natural light in your space do a happy dance.  If not consider all of the ways we can add more lighting to a space.  Add lamps or wall sconces if needed.  Another easy idea is to change out the type of bulbs currently used in the space to a LED or change to a whiter light filtering option like bright white / day light color option.  

6.  Bring in the softness & colors in with textures.  Good pillows, curtains, rugs, or throw blankets can easily add new colors & bring in the coziness.  

7.  Be creative with your space!  I love when I see a space that shows that someone just went for it.  Thinking out of the box or trying something new is what it's all about.  Have fun with it and do not be scared that it will be a tragedy.  

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