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Moore Track Arm Chair

Moore Track Arm Chair

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Our Moore Track Arm Chair has a deep seat you can sink right into. The wide track arm allows for ultimate comfort and style.


The Moore Chair has our Haven Cushions :

Haven Cushion Specifications

• A thick, 1.85 Density, High Resiliency Foam Core (26 ILD firmness),
gives you the support. (ILD – Indentation Load Deflection)
• 2” Thick, 2.5 Density Serene® Premium Foam is layered

on Top and Bottom (12 ILD firmness).

• 2 oz fiber is wrapped across the top, front cushion border,

and bottom, adding crown and loft.
• Backs are our standard blown fiber.

Haven Features and Benefits

• Plush Crown

• Soft, luxurious support, and superior comfort
• Holds shape for easy maintenance
• Very durable for long term use

Serene® Foam

• Serene® is not Memory foam, which is temp sensitive.

Serene® does not trap body heat. It does not get hard in cold temps

and doughy in hot environments.

• The advanced Serene® foam combines the best comfort characteristics

of memory foam & conventional foam.

• Polyurethane, High Resiliency Foam, with the comfort of down.
• Billions of air-pockets allow air to flow through the cushion,

providing a consistent sit.

• Support properties cradle shapes, responding to individual pressure.

• Soft with quick recovery.

• Serene® has a more dense and tight cell structure for durability and sink-in comfort.
• The cushion mfg says ours is the best they’ve seen, because we did not skimp on the center core support foam.

Overall Height 35” • Seat Height 21” • Seat Depth 24” • Arm Height 24” 

Length: 41”

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